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Roger is currently a professor at Muhlenberg College, but is also available for private coaching.

Voice and Dialect

Roger is a former dialect coach for Virginia Repertory Theatre and a LESSAC-CERTIFIED Voice Trainer.  He teaches many workshops throughout the year for voice & speech as well as dialects.  But he's not just a voice teacher-- he also does a lot of private voice & dialect coaching.  When it comes to dialects, he can teach you not only how to do a specific dialect, but how to TEACH YOURSELF DIALECTS in the future!  He also coaches ACCENT REDUCTION!



Naturally, being an extremely shy individual, Roger made me feel comfortable in the class, and really helped me expand as a person as well as an actress. I can only thank him for helping me launch my career as an actress. I am currently signed with CESD across the board and have booked several jobs since working with him. -Shashana B.

Roger taught me to comfortable as a new actress. Roger is a very talented and humorous coach, so he's really fun to work with! Roger taught me to step outside the box, step into my character's skin, and let it come alive. Roger's talent and devotion to helping and encouraging us, to be better actors, is an inspiration to everyone.  - Quinn S.

Roger is, honestly, the best acting coach I've ever had. He always has the right advice, and if you don't quite get the work right, he has the nicest way of critiquing you and guiding you to a great performance. He also has a great sense of humor and lots of pazazz, so any class of his is never bored. He is very committed to his students and he helps them in every way he can so they can become brilliant actors. Roger is the God of acting, and I would recommend any friend of mine to him for coaching.  - Kayla R.

From anonymous university student course-evaluations:

I learned more about acting in one semester than I did in 4 years of High School. 

I thought that Roger was a great teacher and I can honestly say he helped me improve. He had a great command of the subject matter and was able to convey his knowledge to his students. 

Roger is a wonderful professor and really wants his students to engage in all the activities, and got us thinking more creatively.  You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone, but he makes it natural.

Roger is a really cool professor.  We all had a lot of fun, but he also takes this course very seriously.  I would definitely recommend taking his course.  10/10 stars.

This is a great class to take.  I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone who wants to improve on their communication and social skills.  It also helped me get out of my comfort zone.  Great professor also, he likes to get you to think and knows how to have fun doing it.

Roger is the man.  Acting really isn't hard once you understand what it really means to act, and Roger helps his students to understand that, without over-complicating things.  Cool dude, would definitely recommend his class.

Roger Ainslie is an excellent instructor who made the class fun while teaching us the material in a memorable way.

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